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Would you rather be remembered for your money – or
the good you have accomplished in your life?

Your money and things can neither speak nor tell your life story. If achieving enduring significance is important to you, your priceless stories, lessons, values and vision must be recorded and shared -- while you still can. How have you planned to preserve these intangible elements of your wealth so your family and future generations can learn from them, grow and remember you as you wish to be remembered?

Whatever it is you wish to be remembered for, we can assist you to capture, publish and preserve it -- in your words -- for everyone you desire to know and understand the purpose, meaning and value of your life.

Our Intangible Wealth Planning programs record, publish and build on your intangible wealth foundation. Through them, we can teach your family how to use your financial assets wisely so they will not lead to the family dissention that typically destroys most fortunes and many heirs. We can assist you to establish charitable giving plans that teach family members your values and assure you will be remembered for your generosity. What the successors to your business must know to manage it profitably need not die with you, if you allow us to help you capture and preserve your critical intellectual capital for their benefit. Please take a “tour” of our web site to learn more about our various Intangible Wealth Planning services and how you could benefit from them.

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